Biden’s midterm report card: Americans grade him on economy, immigration, foreign relations and climate change

People in Austin graded how well President Biden handled the economy, immigration, foreign relations and climate change in 2022. 

‘On the economy, I would give Joe Biden an F,’ a Nebraskan told Fox News. ‘We’re still dealing with rampant inflation. Our gas prices have been skyrocketing ever since he canceled the pipeline.’



But a Texan with a thick mustache disagreed and gave Biden a B on the economy.

‘He’s doing a good job keeping it together and trying to help people that need it,’ he told Fox News.

Immediately after taking office, Biden canceled a federal permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have allowed for the transport of 830,000 barrels of oil per day. Critics have said the move led to increased gas prices.

On immigration, a Phoenix resident visiting Austin gave Biden an F. 

‘We’re in Texas right now. They literally had a thousand people come in in one day,’ she told Fox News.

The mustachioed Texan, however, gave Biden a C or D on immigration.

‘It really isn’t his fault. That’s a generational problem that’s gonna to take a long time to correct,’ he told Fox News.

A migrant caravan of more than 1,000 people illegally crossed into El Paso, Texas, from Mexico within a four-hour period on Dec. 11, according to the Texas Tribune. And the Border Patrol’s El Paso sector recorded over 2,150 illegal immigrant encounters each day for the first two weeks of December. 

The Nebraskan, meanwhile, also gave Biden an F on foreign relations.

‘We’ve kind of given a blank check to the war in Ukraine,’ he told Fox News. ‘We shouldn’t just be giving people money to engage in wars that we may not have really an interest in.’

The Biden administration has sent nearly $20 billion in military aid to Ukraine since its war with Russia began. Biden has said Ukraine should be able to defend its sovereignty from Russia’s unprovoked aggression.

An Austin resident agreed, giving the president a D on foreign relations.

‘He’s not presenting the United States in a positive light,’ she told Fox News.

One woman gave Biden a C on climate change.

‘I haven’t heard actual action steps or plans that they’re implementing,’ she said.

We’ve gone through giant strides of technology to get the United States clean, where he supports China. And China is one of the dirtiest countries as far as climate goes,’ the Austin resident told Fox News. 

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